Action Alert: A request for support at a critical moment in the Global Fund replenishment efforts.

Published: March 23, 2011

Dear friends,

As you know the UK has yet to confirm its pledge to the Global Fund, but following some disappointing developments in other areas, the results of the UK’s Multi-lateral Aid Review provided some very welcome good news.

DFID’s review determined that the Fund provides very good value for money and delivers exceptional results for the world’s poor. As a result they have committed to increase its funding – one of only nine of 43 multi-laterals given such a positive assessment. Whilst there were some concerns about other findings of the review – this is a positive result we should utilise.

DFID are now finalising the scale of the UK contribution and are set to announce the pledge in the near future. One of factors which could influence the UK pledge is the leverage it could have over other donors, and the impetus it could give to supplementary replenishment efforts. Key to such efforts will be the work civil society groups around the world can do with their own governments following a strong UK pledge.

The attached letter, circulated for sign on by supportive organisations across the world, calls on DFID Secretary of State, Andrew Mitchell to reward the success of the Fund by doubling the UK pledge. The letter argues that such a doubling would put pressure on wavering governments to renew their commitment to the Fund, and that civil society stands ready to maximise the impact of a contribution on such a scale.

ICSS is coordinating global sign-ons by organisations and individuals who support this letter, which will hopefully deliver a powerful message to the UK government from across the world about the importance of their commitment to the Fund on the eve of the final decision. A strong UK pledge could really change the narrative around the Global Fund.

Please send your organisation name and country to by 9am Monday 28th March if you are able to support.

Thank you very much for your efforts and apologies for the short notice.

Kind regards,


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