Action Against the Introduction of Value added Taxes on Condoms

Published: August 12, 2011

"Condoms – an alternative!" – This slogan a protest against the rise of condoms, which will be held in Kiev on 12 August at the Ministry of Health. The reason for the action – a scandalous decision of the Government to introduce 20% VAT on this most accessible means of preventing HIV and other infections.

August 1, the majority of pharmacy chains have stopped selling condoms. Where they are sold, their price has increased by 15-20%.

Young activists will give officials some condoms, and the usual Ukrainian offer cheaper and always available alternative. Rubber gloves, balloons and even plastic bags – all of which can be purchased at the makeshift auction to be held under the walls of the Ministry.

Government officials initially assured that with the new tax condoms fall in price. Then – argued that the increase in prices wine businesses. Then – all still considered "bezholovist" introduction of VAT on condoms and diapers. Finally, the alleged refusal to impose VAT on condoms became aware on August 9 with the words of Prime Minister Mykola Azarov.

However, still do not know when will be taken and a decision will come into force, and most importantly – who will answer for the consequences of this experiment. After all, as experts claim, cost, or even short-term absence of condoms cause further development of HIV / AIDS in Ukraine, which already ranks first in terms of spread of this disease.

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