Accion H "because you are important for us" (prevention program of HIV-AIDS and other sexual transmitted infections)

Published: August 1, 2008

Accion H “because you are important for us” (prevention program of HIV-AIDS and other sexual transmitted infections, by La Manta de México, A. C.)

Issues: Informative campaigns and innovative strategies of prevention, printed information (guides about sexual health), advertisements in radio, qualifying leaders in public opinion, discussions every week, informative campaign “Info reality: buscando al hombre acción H (Info reality: searching the H action man)”.

Description: The mission of “ACCION H” is to create prevention social interventions and campaigns, to bring information about HIV and other sexual transmitted infections; also it has a special concern in giving skills for improve the sexual life inside the MSM (Men who engage Sex with other Men) community. The campaigns and interventions have ever been innovative moving away from the conventional campaigns. Some examples of the campaigns are advertisements in internet radio stations with messages about prevention which try to motivate to the audience to ponder; in the case of concrete interventions, we have done informal discussions in night clubs where we also give condoms with lubricants, these discussions go with printed guides about sexual health which includes several topics (like anal sex, sexual transmitted infections, self stem, and human rights). Other prevention strategy is an informative campaign that has the structure of a reality show, in this campaign the producers search a leader in public opinion through a popularity contest among young gay men.

Lessons learned: We have learned that the way in which young gay men carry on their sexuality changes constantly; based on that idea, we suggest that we have to change the way we do prevention. The main problems of this project are the lack of resources and the non-interest of youth for learning about sexual health.

Next steps: In a future we will do the second season of the informative reality show, we are also preparing a campaign for reinforce the solidarity networks.

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