Accessing U.S. Embassies: A Guide for LGBT Human Rights Defenders

Published: August 23, 2012

Table of Contents

3……. Preface: What is the Purpose of this Guide?
5……. Section 1: What do U.S. Embassies Do?
Human Rights Reporting
Responding to Concerns – Diplomatic Démarches and Private Diplomacy
Meeting with Embassy Staff
Tips for Human Rights Reporting
Public Diplomacy: From Marketplace of Ideas to War of Words
Tips for Effective Public Engagement
Uganda Case Study
Trial Monitoring
Emergency Support – Sanctuary and Flight
16….. Section 2: How Do U.S. Embassies Offer Assistance?
Technical Support
Honduras Case Study
21….. Section 3: How Are Embassies Organized?
Embassy Functions
Key Offices and Officers at the Embassy
Albania Case Study
23….. Section 4: How to Ask for Support
How to Get Attention
How to Frame Your Request so that the Embassy Listens
24….. Appendix
Secretary Clinton – “Free and Equal In Dignity and Rights”
Statements by Top U.S. Officials
Anti-Homosexuality Bill Condemned in Resolution by U.S. Congress
Sample Email/Letter to U.S. Human Rights Reporting Officer
Sample Statement for Human Rights Reporting Officer

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