Access All Areas – Gender Identity Recognition Opens Doors

Published: June 11, 2014

Ordinary things like picking up a parcel, opening a bank account or simply using a personalized public transport ticket can become a daily source of difficulty if your gender identity does not match the legal gender that is recorded on your ID card, passport, and other official documents.

As they are often suspected of using falsified documents, trans people frequently have to reveal their transgender identity against their wishes. This not only violates their right to privacy, but it also regularly leads to discrimination and violence. For example, educational and employment certificates that do not reflect the gender trans people live as are a common driver for unemployment amongst trans people. As a consequence, many trans people are excluded from society and the job market and fear to come out.

Quick, accessible and transparent Legal Gender Recognition prevents discrimination, protects a person’s privacy and is the basis to a life lived with dignity.

To better support advocacy work at national and European levels, TGEU proudly presents its Campaign Access All Areas! Recognition Opens Doors.

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