[A survey on condom-use and associated factors among men who have sex with men in Shenzhen, Guangdong].

Published: July 1, 2011


To learn the condom-use and it’s associated factors among men who have sex with men (MSM) in Shenzhen, so as to provide scientific basis for the development of prevention and control program.

Cross-sectional survey was conducted with standardized questionnaire used on individual case. Associated factors with behavior of not persistent condom use were analyzed, using logistic regression method as dependent variable and associated factors with behaviors as independent variables.

Most of the MSM were young, with average age as 27.9, coming from 26 provinces of China. Only 20.5 percent of the participants were persistently using condoms every time with their sex partners in the past year. The main reasons of not constantly using condom with their male sex partners were having fixed partners, being young, healthy and being faithful.

High risk sexual behaviors and the low rate of condom-use among MSM might serve as potential risks for HIV epidemics. Data on the rate of condom use and the influencing factors among MSM varied for different sexual partners, suggested that targeted prevention measures should be conducted.

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