A short-film competition on HIV and MSM to increase AIDS awareness and prevention

Published: August 1, 2008

A short-film competition on HIV and MSM to increase AIDS awareness and prevention

Issues: HIV prevention targeting MSM in Hong Kong has been the priority area of Red Ribbon Centre (RRC) since 2006. The prevention team and other stakeholders from community agreed that prevention work should diversify into different branches and penetrate into daily life of MSM. To amplify the coverage of MSM HIV prevention campaign and prevention efforts of Hong Kong Lesbian and Gay Film Festival (HKLGFF), a series of workshops followed by a short-film competition on HIV and MSM was launched.

Description: A series of workshops consist of 7 sessions about gay culture and techniques of filming were organized in February 2007. Advertisements were placed in gay magazines, universities, mass media and art institutes to draw attention of young MSM and those who are interested in related issues. Participants were guided to produce a short film by the end of the series of workshops and the products entered the competition. Panel judges screened the films and awarded the short-listed ones according to their relevance to HIV and MSM issues and filming skill.

Lessons learned: 23 entries were received for the short-film competition. Safer sex messages, same-sex relationship issues, HIV myths and concerns, gay cultures were integrated in different ways and presented in these films. The Short Film Competition demonstrated that AIDS prevention work can be integrated into a MSM-related cultural event. Prevention messages can be disseminated through different media and closely related to social life issues. Awareness can also be improved among population out of the MSM community.

Next steps: Awarded films in the competition will be converted into DVD format and distributed among the community as a general publicity. To have more young MSM participating actively, prevention programmes have to be designed in such a way that some particular parts of their lives are connected with the activities.

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