A model for HIV /AIDS and STDs prevention for transgender and transsexual women in Mexico using identity issue and work in peers

Published: August 1, 2008

A model for HIV /AIDS and STD´s prevention for transgender and transsexual women in Mexico using identity issue and work in peers

Issues: The transgender and transsexual women in Mexico confronts a social vulnerability that difficult the efforts in the prevention for HIV and STD.
The lack of civil rights, like access to a job and academic education opportunities, and social discrimination usually leads to the sexual work, where the police abuse is common.
This vulnerabilities has left the transgender and transsexual female population outside campaigns for the HIV/AIDS.

Description: The design and appliance of information workshops using the identity issue and work with peers, seems a good alternative for understanding prevention on HIV/AIDS in this population that faces social vulnerability, stigma and discrimination.
The advantages of this strategy is building strong empaty link between the trans sex workers and the expositors.
Using their experience they allow emotional communication in subjects that suffered failed surgeries, health problems in the search for a gender embodiment and the discrimination.
The problems with this population in Mexico is identity confusion produced by the absence of information.
This lack of information makes them, who lives like women and feels as women, think wrongly that they are very feminine gay men. They can not find information in the gay media about the use and abuse of female hormones and the effect in their bodies and genitalia.
Mexican transgender and transsexual sex workers are asked for their male clients to penetrate them, something difficult if they are using anti-androgen substances.
Transgender women use commonly share syringes for hormonal shots.

Lessons learned: To help conformation of new groups and organizations of trans women that are assumed as Transgender or transsexual women. They have begun asking their civil rights. So they will have access to hormones, surgeries and avoid the risk of the used syringes for hormonal shots.

Next steps: The creation of a national program for transgender and transsexual people that includes HIV/AIDS prevention.

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