A harangue on homos

Published: February 25, 2011

The law should not be changed to give equal rights to negroes, I mean homos. For one thing, pretending that they are equal to other human beings would encourage crime in the society. After all, negroes, I mean homos, were illegal persons in most parts of the civilised world up to the 19th century. When they were made legal, crime immediately started to rise, because it was no longer legal to kill the enslaved, I mean the depraved, and trying to legalise homos in Trinidad and Tobago would therefore worsen the crime rate. It is a well established theological and scientific fact that negroes, I mean homos, are prone to idleness, promiscuity, and violence. If we want to reduce crime, the police need to improve their detection rate, especially for sodomy.

Maha Sabha head Sat Maharaj has emphasised this point, when in an Express interview last Monday he said, "We recognise that there are these oddities in society that have odd behaviours, but we do not believe that is sufficient ground to change the laws." Maharaj is, as always, right. If the government doesn’t stop this trend in its tracks, then more people would start behaving like Hindus, I mean homos. Do we really want to see men in fetes wearing orange-and-yellow shirts and dancing like if they’re screwing in light bulbs? After all, when coolies, I mean queers, first became known in this country, they were considered as bad as homosexuals. Trinidad’s Superintendent of Prisons wrote in 1866: "Coolies…are faithless, unprincipled, immoral, lazy and fond of wandering."

Christian leaders in 1946 also condemned the strange heathen practices of Indian brides putting red paste on their foreheads, and weirdly-dressed Indian grooms passing their leaf-filled hands over a flaming brass pot, while Indian men beat peculiar goatskin drums: yet, oddly, the British authorities still passed the Hindu Marriage Act in that year. Now, 65 years later, we see Ravi B telling a crowd at the Chutney Soca Monarch to pelt something. That only happened because coolies, I mean queers, were treated like real persons, as Sat knows.

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