A Discussion with an HIV Counselor

Published: August 30, 2012

Bryan Kutner is an HIV counselor who shared his knowledge and experience with us for last week’s "Please Don’t Infect Me, I’m Sorry" story. However, Kutner has taken exception to the overall tone of the piece, so we invited him for a discussion (slash debate?) on HIV risk, prevention, stigma and what all else you want to ask him about.
Here’s Kutner’s bio:
Bryan Kutner holds an MPH in Epidemiology and has worked in public health for the past 15 years. For nearly a decade, he traveled throughout California to train HIV service providers for the UCSF AIDS Health Project and to collaborate with the California Department of Public Health on policies and procedures related to HIV counseling and testing. In New York, Bryan counseled men in bathhouses for the Men’s Sexual Health Project. He now consults with the International Center for AIDS Care and Treatment Programs on HIV programming in South Africa, trains frontline workers for the Harm Reduction Coalition, and freelances with a handful of other NGOs involved in mental health, supportive housing, sexual health, and HIV prevention.
Full text of article available at link below –

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