A cross-sectional study on HIV prevalence and risk behaviors among MSM in five cities in China

Published: August 1, 2008

A cross-sectional study on HIV prevalence and risk behaviors among MSM in five cities in China

Background: To study the demography, behavior characteristics and HIV prevalence among MSM population in five cities in China.

Methods: MSM were recruited by respondent driven sampling (RDS) methods. Questionnaires and serum specimens were collected after informed consent was approved by each qualified participant. And then HIV detection was performed among 1496 qualified specimens using two different ELISA for screening and WB for conforming.

Results: HIV prevalence was 1.6% among 1496 MSM. HIV prevalence was 3.7% among the people who think they might be infected by HIV. The average age was 27.5 years among this population with an average age at 20.5 for the first intercourse in life and at 22.8 for the first sex with male, respectively. The MSM with age between 35~49 had the highest HIV prevalence. 53.4% of MSM considered they were homosexual, and 37.0% were bisexual. In the recent half year, the average number of male sexual partner is 5.6, and the condom use rate in the last intercourse with man 66.8%. In the recent half year, 27.3% of participates had sex with female, while 44.4% of them did not use condom in the last intercourse with female. Generally HIV knowledge awareness rate in MSM population is rather high (more than 90%). However, the awareness rates of HIV transmission through mother milk feeding and good prevention of condom use in each intercourse are low, which are 75.9% and 78.7% respectively.

Conclusions: HIV prevalence is higher in MSM population compared with the general people, and high risk behaviors still exist in MSM population though they have the high education level. a high proportion of bisexual MSM and low rate of condom use indicates that MSM has become the bridge population for HIV transmission. Thus, intensified intervention strategies and sate sexual behaviors should be implemented in MSM.

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