A Call for Conversation From a Gay Christian: To My LGBT Community

Published: August 23, 2012

There is hesitancy in writing a letter calling for conversation among Christians and LGBT people. I feel vulnerability in coming out in a forum like this. I am a Christian. I am gay. I have feared if I were honest with those close to me, I would no longer be welcomed as a friend. If you do not identify as either a Christian or someone who is LGBT, perhaps my words will have little meaning. If you are a Christian and/or LGBT, then my words are meant for you. We have seen countless articles lately about values, equal rights, love, hate, free speech, violence and chicken sandwiches. The last thing I want to do is fuel all the rhetoric. However, sometimes being quiet is being a coward. Whatever side of the issue you are on, I am stuck in the middle.

This is why I decided to pen two open letters to the two communities where my identity lies. I’m calling for more conversation because both of these identities make me who I am. You can see my letter to my fellow Christians here.

Dear LGBT Friends,

There are many LGBT people of history who never would have dreamed about the acceptance and understanding that we now appreciate. I can take very little credit for lending much aide to the effort. For too many years I thought more of what other people thought of me then what I thought of myself. I also thought wrongly of how God’s love works and what it meant for me as a gay man. It took years to appreciate the enormity of God’s acceptance and compassion for me. I am a Christian because I know a very different God than who the gay community has often been shown.

I understand some of the pain many of you have felt from Christians. As a Christian, I apologize. While I was reared by a loving family and was always happy to go to church, I have had my share of hurtful comments from ”loving Christians.” My faith has quivered at times. Seeing God as love does not resonate with our experience with some Christians. We all have equality in God’s love and acceptance. But sadly, that is not what we have been shown by some Christians. Again, I am sorry.

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