8 years strengthening a telephonic interaction model for HIV and other STI's prevention

Published: August 1, 2008

Diversitel: 8 years strengthening a telephonic interaction model for HIV and other STI’s prevention specialized for the sexual diversity audiences in Mexico

Issues: Considering a concentrated epidemic in Gay, MSM and Trans populations where the sexual transmission of HIV is the most frequent and the prevention efforts requires certainty, innovation, updated information and an enormous variety of strategies according to the needs and the dynamic of the key populations (highly stigmatized and discriminated) there’s a need of information and support services, including referral to health services, public instances for denounces about discrimination and emotional support it is necessary to strength the proven strategies as Diversitel.

Description: Diversitel is a helpline specialized in sexual diversity that since 2000 provides: orientation, emotional support, information about HIV/AIDS, STI’s and sexuality in addition refers the users to instances according to their needs and requirements. It has been necessary to introduce new approaches and strategies for updating this strategy, as the skills building approach for building the abilities of the users risk sex situations in order to self-developing assertive and effective prevention tools; the cover extension of the hotline happened from Mexico City to all the country by a toll free call and the entailment of the users with government AIDS health care services in several cities of the country. Diversitel has taken care of 20,000 calls, 89% are from the target population, 96% of the users have been reported they increased their skills for identifying risk factors.

Lessons learned: It is necessary to enrich the intervention strategies according to the changes of the user’s needs. Systematize the experiences and lessons learned contribute to professionalize and fortify the attention’s quality. As part of an historic process of attention, providing information and fight against AIDS one of the most effective strategy is to empower and provide the necessary elements to the users for self-identify risk factors and situations.

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