50Faggots – groundbreaking, new, online documentary

Published: April 24, 2010

50Faggots is the groundbreaking, new, online documentary series educating, exploring and celebrating how individual effeminate gay men survive and thrive in today’s American queer communities.

50Faggots educates audiences with the unprecedented access to the lives and experiences of effeminate male activists, artists, professionals and educators perspectives rarely discussed within most cultures. The series addresses the dearth of self-acceptance among effeminate men, young and old, with humorous anecdotes, important wisdom, and inspiring models of resilience. By offering individual alternatives to dominant constructions of American masculinity and heteronormative gay lifestyles, this film illuminates the on-going issues relevant to queer communities.

The first season, located in the urban neighborhoods of Chicago, Washington D.C., and New York City, dedicates two years to documenting the stories of ten effeminate gay men. These men discuss their professional and personal lives, often in contradiction to communities that demand a rigid and binary definition of gender, particularly valuing patriarchy and an appropriate presentation of straight-acting masculinity. Regardless of each mans assertion of their own authentic self, specific dominant ideologies construct the societal assumptions of these mens presumed personalities, sexualities and behaviors.

This documentary series celebrates the differences among urban and rural environments, along racial, religious, and intergenerational lines. While the series allows each man to discuss the ways their personal effeminate expressions are negotiated in career, relationships, and communities, this documentary project creates national dialogue around the diversity of ways to truly be a man.

Access to trailer video available at link below –

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