2013 GMT Initiative Community Awards

Published: March 21, 2013

Published Thursday, March 21, 2013
Latin America Awards

Movimiento por la Diversidad Sexual, MUMS (Santiago, Chile) – $20,000
Advocacy during the electoral process for resource mobilization in order to respond to HIV/AIDS in GMT and fight homophobia
This advocacy project will engage key decision-makers in government, elected officials, and the general public in order to challenge homophobic structures and increase investment in GMT-specific HIV programming. Activists involved in the project will represent three regions (Valparaíso, Valdivia, and Santiago) with high HIV prevalence rates and will be trained to administer effective advocacy strategies. MUMS, a two-time amfAR grantee, will also launch an anti-homophobia campaign through radio, TV, and print media.

Asociación Solidaria Para Impulsar el Desarrollo Humano (ASPI-DH) (San Salvador, El Salvador) – $20,000
Abriendo Caminos 2.0
In its second year as an amfAR grantee, ASPI-DH will expand its “Open Road 2011” project to additional regions in El Salvador and will continue training health care providers in 24 public health centers across the country on the needs of GMT people. ASPI-DH will focus on reducing stigma and discrimination within health centers in an effort to encourage uptake of HIV prevention, treatment, and care for GMT. This will be accomplished by organizing “Open Door” days at the centers that have participated in the trainings. ASPI-DH will also deploy patients as undercover evaluators or mystery clients who will visit the centers in order to evaluate the quality of care given by the medical providers.  

Red nacional de Mujeres Travestis, Transgéneros y Transexuales de Bolivia (RED TREBOL) (Cochabamba, Bolivia) – $20,000
Acceso Universal para población Trans que se dedica al trabajo Sexual
This project will build upon previous support to educate transgender community leaders and 100 decision-makers in government (civil servants, elected officials) on the Gender Identity Law and its significance for transgender people in Bolivia. Transgender leaders will help these decision-makers understand the importance of recognizing and protecting the expression of gender identity in Bolivia and its relation to HIV transmission. The project will empower transgender leaders to actively participate in advocacy activities with the trainees, as well as encourage the transgender human rights defenders to become decision-makers themselves. This is RED TREBOL’s second consecutive amfAR grant being implemented by and for transgender women. 

Asociación Jóvenes en Movimiento (AJEM) (Tegucigalpa, Honduras) – $20,000
Closing the Gaps, Integrating Communities Phase II
AJEM, using its second amfAR award, will work to reduce stigma and discrimination among health providers and young Hondurans in order to promote greater access to HIV/STI services. AJEM staff members and volunteers will conduct a series of interviews with health care providers and use the results to develop and conduct trainings for other health care staff on the relationships between HIV transmission, sexual orientation, and gender identity. AJEM will also help reduce GMT-related stigma and discrimination by performing street theater and distributing leaflets for university students and other members of the public.

Jóvenes Homosexuales en Acción Contra el Sida (JHACS) (Iquitos, Peru) – $20,000
Promoting access to culturally appropriate HIV services and health care for gay men and transgender women in Iquitos through public policy change
A new partner for amfAR, JHACS will effect policy change at the local level in Iquitos by empowering community-based organizations to implement an intervention model, integrating both individual behavior change and community-wide strategies to reduce the spread and impact HIV/AIDS among GMT. JHACS will also educate local authorities on the role that punitive policies play in limiting access to health care services for GMT, and help develop and adopt a non-discrimination policy in Iquitos to ensure protection for all citizens regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. 

Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS (Mar del Plata, Argentina) – $19,900
If you saw your mother (Si te viera tu madre)
This transgender-designed and -led project will create a documentary to be used as an advocacy tool against transphobia in Argentina and Latin America. The documentary film—created by Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS, a first-time amfAR awardee—will chronicle the life of a prominent transgender activist and the brutal discrimination she has endured. The film will also highlight the need for broader inclusion of transgender women in the response against HIV, including improved access to HIV services. Screenings of the documentary will be arranged for prominent decision-makers and authorities as part of broader advocacy efforts.

Colectivo Unidad Color Rosa (San Pedro Sula, Honduras) – $19,859
Working for a dignified life free of stigma and discrimination for women
Colectivo Unidad Color Rosa will empower and train female transgender sex workers to engage in advocacy work and improve their leadership capacity. Transgender community leaders will learn how to improve health service delivery by working with and educating medical providers, and develop and distribute a guide for effective health care delivery for transgender individuals. Color Rosa will also work with policy-makers to promote the adoption of a gender identity law in Honduras that will ensure protection for all citizens regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity.

Interculturalidad, Salud y Derechos A.C. (INSADE) (Aguascalientes, Mexico) – $14,440
Indigenous MSM youth and inclusive schools against HIV
INSADE will interview young, indigenous MSM in Aguascalientes to gain a better understanding of their sexual behavior, while also furnishing them with important HIV prevention messages. The results of the interviews will be used to develop a curriculum that will be submitted to the Ministry of Education, with the goal of formalizing schools-based HIV prevention education programs that are inclusive of GMT. INSADE will reinforce the importance of HIV testing and care for all indigenous MSM that are part of the program.

Centro de Desarrollo e Investigación sobre Juventud, A.C. (Campeche, Mexico) – $20,000
Strengthening community health services for transgender people
With their second award from amfAR, CDIJ will develop a manual for health care providers in Campeche, Mexico, to help them improve HIV-related service delivery for GMT, and thereby increase the rates of HIV testing and treatment. The group will train GMT leaders to improve HIV prevention knowledge among the indigenous GMT community, with a particular focus on transgender indigenous people. CDIJ will also develop an institutional website on which information on the organization and its work can be found.

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