You're Not a Black Gay Man, Stop Jacking Our Slang

Published: May 5, 2014

Thanks to the intersection of black women, mainstream media and others pulling words and phrases from the black gay community, I’ve learned that language, as communal as it is, does not belong to anyone. Yes ‘hunty’, there’s no copyright or trademark we can apply for unless we plan to use it for business purposes. However, I am insulted when certain words are hurdled towards the gay community (or any minority group).

I have a ton of female friends (I’m lying, mainly my best friend) who ask me the meaning of words they’ve heard on a reality TV show or in conversation. With the surge of reality TV, on any given night during the week you can ensure there will be some gay lingo being spouted out by heterosexual women. This weekend I received a call from my best friend asking me about the word “Judy.” She wanted to know if it was offensive if a non-gay person used it and also what the word meant. After explaining it to her, I’m sure she’s added a new word to her vocabulary box. I can also assume she heard it on Bravo’s “Married to Medicine,” where the entire cast reminds me of “Paris is Burning.”

No shade.

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