'You don't live here Mr. Man, do you?': Jamaican gay activists vs British academic

Published: May 4, 2011

An upcoming conference at Warwick University in the UK in October 2011 is calling for papers on sexuality in Jamaica and the English speaking Caribbean. The title of the conference is ‘Emerging Sexualities and Race: Responses to Sexuality in Jamaica and the English Speaking Caribbean and Caribbean Diaspora’.

Co-organiser Dr Perry Stanislas from De Montfort University in Leicester is quoted by the People With Voices website saying that the conference was a response to "uninformed", widely held views about Caribbean homophobia. The website quotes him claiming that in Jamaica:

"Statistically is safer to be gay than to be a straight male or female or child, who are killed in the hundreds every year."
Stanislas said that through research for his bachelor’s degree he had ‘learnt a great deal about British homophobia’ and that this ‘has historically resulted in more extreme behaviour than has taken place in Jamaica’.

“The British police use to carry out raids on gay men in their private spaces for indecency etc. They even transported the same laws into the colonies but not one black Caribbean police organisation has ever carried out a raid on gay men in their private space,” he said.
Jamaican newspapers reported a raid on a Montego Bay gay bar last month. Gay Jamaican blogs and organisation JFLAG have documented police attacks as well as failures to investigate murders, attacks and rapes.

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