Use Female Condoms For Anal Sex Urge Advocates

Published: September 17, 2012

On September 12, the first Global Female Condom Day was marked. The Global Female Condom Day aims to increase the number of women and men around the world who know about, use, and advocate for access to female condoms.

Though a highly effective alternative to traditional male condoms for responsible sex, few sexually active Kenyans are aware of or use female condoms.

In Kenya, female condoms are part of the country’s broader HIV and family planning programmes, but women have shown little interest. The country recently received three million female condoms from UNFPA and distributed them.

“We do not have reliable data on acceptability but we know that among sex workers there is a high demand,” said Peter Cherutich, head of HIV prevention at the National AIDS and Sexually transmitted infections Control Programme.

“Overall, the demand is low mainly due to general unavailability and [lack of] information. It is still more expensive [than the male condom] and we are yet to be confident that it is as widely popular as the male condom,” he added.

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