UNESCO collects good practices on LGBT education

Published: September 11, 2011

UNESCO is organizing the UN’s first ever international consultation on addressing LGBT bullying in schools, in collaboration with various UN Agencies and civil society organizations, of which GALE is leading on LGBT education at international level. For this purpose we are currently seeking information on relevant (existing) policies and programs that help prevent and address bullying of gays, lesbians, bisexuals, trans and non-gender conforming students and education staff in education institutions. The consultation will result in a report, containing best practices from all regions.

The current search is limited to formal education (programs and policies in schools, professional education, universities, ministries of education).

To help UNESCO with this research you can provide input by sending information / best practices about existing policies and programs addressing LGBT bullying in education to researcher Peter Gordon (petergordon@blueyonder.co.uk) and GALE (info@lgbt-education.info). For further questions you can contact Christophe Cornu of UNESCO (c.cornu@unesco.org).

GALE is being awarded a 4-year grant by the Dutch government to map the right to LGBT education worldwide and build an international network to improve this right. If you are interested to join this effort or if you know relevant stakeholders, please encourage them to join GALE and send good practices also with us (info@lgbt-education.info).

Copy these addresses to respond: petergordon@blueyonder.co.uk; info@lgbt-education.info
Best regards, Peter Dankmeijer, Executive Director, GALE.

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