Turkey bans internet domain names with the word gay

Published: April 28, 2011

The word "gay" and its turkish pronunciation "gey" have been banned from Turkish Internet domain names.  Any sites containing such words faces immediate closure. The Turkish Telecommunications Directorate sent a list of 138 words to Turkish web-hosting firms on Thursday, ruling the words are not allowed to feature in domain names and websites that do use them will be shut down.

Any combination of a domain name with these words would be banned.  For example: sanaldestekunitesi.com (meaning virtualsupportunit.com), would not be permitted to operate as it has the word "anal" in its name! Websites cannot have the number 31 in their domain names either because it is slang for male masturbation.

Even the word “yasak” (forbidden) is banned!

Gay Middle East calls upon the Turkish Telecommunications Directorate to review its list and omit gay and gey as banned words, as this contravenes various international agreement Turkey is a signatory to. In addition it can be constituted as a homophobic decision.

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