Transgender Europe: Press Release: March 23 2012

Published: March 23, 2012

Again alarming figures: Transgender Europe’s Trans Murder Monitoring project reveals more
than 800 reported murders of trans people in the last four years

The Trans Murder Monitoring (TMM) project started in April 2009 and systematically monitors,
collects and analyses reports of homicides of trans people worldwide. Updates of the preliminary
results are published two to three times a year on the website of the “Transrespect versus Transphobia
Worldwide” project in the form of tables, name lists, and maps:

The March 2012 update reveals a total of 816 reported killings of trans people in 55 countries
worldwide from January 1st 2008 to December 31st 2011. The update shows an exponential increase
in reported killings of trans people over the last four years. In 2008, 141 cases were reported, in 2009
213 cases, in 2010 214 cases, and in 2011 a shocking number of 248. These are mainly the reported
cases that could be found through Internet research and cooperation with trans organizations and
activists. In most countries, data on murdered trans people are not systematically produced and it is
impossible to estimate the numbers of unreported cases.

The reasons for this increase might be manifold. Every year, TGEU’s TVT research team has
improved its monitoring methods, started new collaborations with organizations that contributed their
data, and received information from activists from many parts of the world. Also, the increase in the
visibility of trans people and of trans issues in public discourse may have led to a better reporting of
cases. However, the data also show also that there is no decrease, that the shocking amount of
violence against trans people still poses a major problem and threat to trans people in many countries.
The again alarming figures demonstrate once more that there is an urgent need to react to the violence
against trans people and to seek mechanisms to protect trans people. Some international trans activists
even started to introduce the term ‘transcide’ to reflect the continuously elevated level of deadly
violence against trans people on a global scale.

Cases have been reported from all major World Regions (Africa, Asia, Central and South
America, Europe, North America, and Oceania), evoking an evermore gruesome picture,
especially given the very partial knowledge we are able to gain in many places. An interactive
map showing most of the 816 reported murders of trans people is available at:

Most reported cases were from Central and South America, which amount to 643 cases in 21
countries and account for roughly 80 % of the globally reported murders of trans people since January
2008. In this region, there has been the strongest increase in reports (2008: 94, 2009: 165, 2010: 180,
and 2011: 204). In Colombia, 59 killings have been reported in total, numbers steadily increasing
since 2008 (2008: 13, 2009: 13, 2010: 15, 2011: 18). In Mexico, 60 cases have been reported in total,
roughly doubling each year (2008: 4, 2009: 9, 2010: 14, 2011: 33). In Venezuela, there have been 48
reported killings in total, peaking in 2009 and 2011 (2008: 4, 2009: 22, 2010: 5, 2011: 17). In Brazil,
the country with most reported killings (325 in total), there has been a steady increase (2008: 57,
2009: 68, 2010: 99, 2011: 101). Reports from countries with smaller population sizes are also
extremely worrying, in particular the Dominican Republic (12 total), Guatemala (31) and Honduras
(34). Killings of trans people in the region have also been reported from Argentina (18), Bolivia (7),
Chile (3), Costa Rica (3), Cuba (1), Ecuador (9), El Salvador (7), Jamaica (1), Nicaragua (2), Panama
(1), Paraguay (3), Peru (9), Puerto Rico (8), and Uruguay (2).

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