Time to Act: Responding to the HIV

Published: May 23, 2011


• The MSM pandemic

   – Global Epidemiology
   – Biological, network level, and structural risks

• Other drivers: stigma and discrimination

• Re-thinking Prevention

• Responses for MSM

The Pandemic of HIV in MSM

Systematic Review of HIV among MSM in Low and Middle Income Countries, 2007

Number of Countries

Odds Ratios 95% Confidence Interval Region

Modeling Network Level Risks
Goodreau & Golden 2007 (STI;83:458-462 )

Biological and demographic causes of high HIV and std prevalence in MSM

MSM and heterosexual networks differ by biologically determined sex role segregation among heterosexual individuals but not MSM, and by anal/vaginal transmission probabilities.

The US heterosexual population would only experience an epidemic comparable to MSM if the mean partner number was increased several fold over that seen for either group. For MSM to end the HIV epidemic, they would need to develop rates of unprotected sex lower than those currently exhibited by heterosexual
individuals in the US.

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