The time to turn tide is now more than ever!The time to turn tide is now more than ever!

Published: September 4, 2012

According to a research study commissioned by Kenya AIDS NGOs Consortium (KANCO) in partnership with the Network of People Living with HIV (NEPHAK) and with support from UNDP, UNAIDS and the National AIDS Control Council (NACC) has established that human rights violations and discrimination against PLHIV occur in the family, community, at the workplace, in schools and in prisons. In a report launched on Tuesday outlined some of the testimonies, findings and recommendations to upgrade the Health sector from Violations of human rights.

Unfortunately, the family has been identified as the context within which most human rights violations occur. The findings also reveal that, health and medical centers routinely fail to recognize the rights to privacy of PLHIV in delivery of services.
Evans Aneka, father of four children from western Kenya was diagnosed HIV treatment in 2001, he was working with American Embassy by then when he realized he was positive, but this was not all, the doctor who tested him violated his patients’ right, he took the test result to Aneka’s boss without his consent which made him sacked from his job Because of his status, this stigmatized him to a point of committing suicide, but he gained hope due to counseling. But he is still being discriminated by his father up to today.

“Through the long struggle against HIV, it has become clear that human rights are central to effective national responses to HIV.  Where human rights are not protected, people are more vulnerable to HIV infection.  Where the human rights of HIV-positive people are not protected, they suffer stigma and discrimination, become ill, become unable to support themselves and their families, and if not provided treatment, they die.”   Declaration of Commitment on HIV/AIDS.
Njoki Otieno, mother of two, who is in a discordant relationship, knew her HIV status in 2002 while giving birth to her first born. " Sexual reproduction health rights on women is being mistreated due to how medical personnel behave, and it is the right of anyone to have children so long as in an outlined procedure, don’t want anyone else to pass through where I passed," said Njoki.

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