The Pope must protect LGBT people in his flock

Published: August 1, 2013

As Cameroon prepares for its last farewell to murdered activist Eric Lembembe on Aug. 3, the Rev. Canon Albert Ogle urges the Pope to protect the LGBT people in his flock.

Eric Lembembe was one of the Pope’s many children.

He was a devout Roman Catholic and was selected to represent Cameroon at the International AIDS Conference in Washington, D.C., this time last year to be part of 26 people representing countries where it is illegal to be LGBT. I re-read through his application form this week and a grant proposal he later submitted to St. Paul’s Foundation and the Robert Carr Civil Society Network:

“During the World Day against Homophobia and Human Rights, we have organized an exchange on ‘religion, homophobia and transphobia’ … to address issues of identity that men who have sex with men (MSM) encounter in relation to religion, that is to say, whether they should continue in spirituality despite being homosexual. An idea emerged … that homosexuals are entitled to strengthen their faith because, as indicated by our slogan, ‘I’m gay/lesbian … and God loves me’ or as ‘the church welcomes everyone,’ we are all children of the Lord.”

His native language was French but he wrote about his faith in English:

“I am a practicing Catholic Christian. I go to church all the time and I try whenever possible to meet the commandments of God, despite my homosexuality. I know that Bible condemns homosexuality but, what can I do, I’m a human being.”

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