TAG 2010 Pipeline Report

Published: July 1, 2010

Table of Contents

Introductiona and Exectutive Summary                                                                                                   1

The Antiretroviral Pipeline                                                                                                                          7
          Activity since 2008
          The Pipeline in 2010
          Other Compounds and Targets in Preclinical Research
          Patent Expiry and Generic Compounds

The HIV Diagnostics Pipeline                                                                                                                  25

         Requirements for Point-of-Care Tests
         The CD4 Initiative
         Point of Care Viral Load Test

The Pediatric Antiretroviral Pipeline                                                                                                        29

        Why Not Avoid Pediatric HIV in the First Place
        When to Start Children on Antiretroviral Therapy
        Identifying Children with HIV and Starting Them on Treatment
        What to Start With
        Dosing / Formulations
        The Innovator Pipeline
        The Generic Pipeline

The Immune-Based Therapies and Preventive Technologies Pipeline                                         44

      Vaccine Approaches in Human Trials
      Preexposure Prophylaxis
      Immune-Based Therapies
      HIV Cure Box
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