Survey: YPLHIV have their say at the High Level Meeting

Published: March 22, 2011

GNP+ and WAC are conducting an e-survey to allow young people living with HIV to give their input into the UN High Level Meeting in June.

If you are living with HIV and under 30 –  Have your say!!

YPLHIV have their say at the High Level Meeting  
• In 2001, the United Nations General Assembly Special Session (UNGASS) was convened and member states unanimously adopted the Declaration of Commitment on HIV/AIDS

• This commitment was renewed five years later with the Political Declaration on HIV/AIDS 2006:  member state signatories agreed to further extend  their commitment to addressing the rising rates of new HIV infections among young people and to implement comprehensive, evidence-based prevention programmes that promote responsible sexual behaviour, including the use of condoms, evidence- and skills-based, HIV education through mass media, schools and through other settings and the provision of youth-friendly sexual and reproductive health services including HIV
• The High Level Meeting (HLM) on AIDS that takes place in June 2011 will review progress towards the UNGASS commitments, and the Political Declaration of 2006, and will determine the priority agenda for work on HIV and AIDS over the next five years. Multiple processes are underway to ensure broad stakeholder engagement and representation in the outcomes of the Meeting

GNP+ and WAC are running a rapid e-survey in order to ensure the broadest possible engagement and representation of young people living with HIV (YPLHIV) in the processes leading up to the HLM.


Access to survey available at link below –

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