Stop Talk Listen: Men at Play

Published: November 19, 2010


A Swedish study about MSM showed a need of education regarding HIV. RFSL wanted to meet the needs of talking about sex in the MSM group, and at the same time ensure effective HIV prevention. We especially wanted to address the question of how to talk about your own and your partner’s HIV status.

Stop Talk Listen is an innovative way to work with HIV prevention within a group. Research has shown that group-level interventions are particularlyeffective, especially when combined as multi-component interventionscontaining cognitive elements.

Sexual norms are shaped, maintained and changed through socialinteraction between people. The intention of the game is to reach the players on different level ; in fantasy, thinking, dreams, identity and the experience of being your sexual self—how you live with your sexuality. Methods that move you to reflect, influence and deeply involve you to make an active choice are shown to be particularly effective in HIV prevention strategies1.

Several researchers emphasize that peer education is a key factor in successful HIV prevention1.

The game was recently developed and now we are in the launching phase to get the game out to the local RFSL branches. At a first glance, it appears that the game has gotten a good reception in the MSM community and that the RFSL branches are willing to use it in their own HIV prevention.

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