"STIs and MSM: a top, front and bottom" Top2Btm MSM Symposium Presentation

Published: May 24, 2011

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• The incidence of STIs among MSM declined with the onset of the HIV epidemic
• Between 2000-2006, STI rates increased in the USA and other industrialised countries – decline in some STIs since 2007
• The reasons are various, but include:
– a perception that HIV is not so ‘lethal’ in the era of HAART
– lack of engagement with current prevention messages
– increasing use of recreational and erectile dysfunction drugs
– an increasingly ‘young’ population who did not live through the
early years of the AIDS era
• We have no data regarding trends in STIs among MSM on the African continent due to several reasons, including:
– stigma and legal discrimination
– non-existent STI surveillance in MSM populations

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