Standard Media Contributor Calls Homosexuality 'A Disastrous Trap'

Published: September 19, 2012

A contributor with the Standard Group, owned by former President Moi has called homosexuality a ‘disastrous trap’ and ‘a behavior’ arguing that it has not ‘spared the morals in African societies.’

In a piece entitled, Sex between men in Kenya on the increase, Tabitha Areba paints a grim picture of the number of HIV Infections attributed to men who have sex with men.

‘The 2010 United Nations General Assembly Special Session (UNGASS) Country Progress Report also shows that an overall, HIV prevalence amongst MSM in Nairobi is 18.2 per cent, an indication that the behavior is on the increase.’

She also claimed that many homosexuals’ persons ‘believe they must hide their orientation.’

‘This is because some homosexuals hide their sexual identity. Many homosexuals in Kenya believe they must hide their sexual orientation for fear of arrest, discrimination and rejection even from their own families.

Citing various surveys that looked at the rate of HIV infections and transmissions in Kenya among MSM, Areba lays the blame squarely for HIV infection to MSM and especially those who are married to women.

‘These statistics point at a worrying trend that could see naïve partners who still believe in traditional heterosexual relationships fall victim to infections.’

According to the National AIDS and STI Control Programme (NASCOP), 15.2% of new HIV Infections occurs among MSM whereas 44.1% among heterosexual couples within a steady union or relationship.

This is not the first time that the Standard Media has published sensational articles or those that are out rightly homophobic.

Editor and columnist, Barack Muluka once wrote that ‘the homosexuality perversion is a threat to the survival of mankind.’

‘I had never even considered that I should someday demean my pen to write about the perversion that is men scrambling for men. For I have always considered the homosexual a pervert, who should be left alone. And I have left these nauseous fellows alone.’

He further termed homosexuality as ‘hostile’ to mankind arguing that ‘To perpetuate life, you need the combined male and female effort.’

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