Special Edition FOF: Prevention Revolution or Magical Thinking?

Published: June 30, 2011

One of the most exciting developments in the fight against HIV is a recent study that concluded that gay men could significantly reduce their risk of infection by taking an existing anti-HIV medication on a daily basis.
The study hasn’t received much media attention, and even though this type of preventative treatment could dramatically reduce HIV infections and some doctors don’t even know about it.

Is PREP or Pre-Exposure Prophilaxis a magic pill that we’ve been waiting 30 years for? And will our troubled health care system be able to adapt to this new way of approaching this disease?
Plus- why is the leadership of the nation’s largest AIDS organization actually arguing against this pro-active treatment?

Join us today for a live podcast form from the Center on Haslted in Chicago, as we’re joined by Dr. Bob Grant, the protocol chair for the groundbreaking study and Keith Green a consultant for Project PrEPare, which explores the acceptability and feasibility of the trial among men who have sex with other men.

Plus- live questions from you, the audience in person and testimonies from real gay men who participated in the trial.

Full text of article available at link below –

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