Single Gay Men From Malecare Cancer Support Gather Around Erectile Dysfunction

Published: March 2, 2012

Gay men with erectile dysfunction will be meeting in Southern California to talk about their common experiences and find ways to connect around impotence, announced by Malecare Cancer Support. Gay men have long faced homophobia when seeking care for problems common to both gay and straight men. Many gay focused national nonprofits have long histories of helping gay men with diseases such as prostate cancer and HIV/Aids. Now, for the first time, gay men will be meeting to discuss Erectile Dysfunction among men who enjoy sex with men.

“Gay men experience health issues from their unique perspective, but, health care professionals continue to ignore this, causing needless harm to thousands upon thousands of gay men who experience erectile dysfunction,” said Darryl Mitteldorf, LCSW, Executive Director of the national men’s cancer survivor nonprofit organization, Malecare Cancer Support

“Malecare wants all gay men to find the help they need, from men who care about them and we are proud that one of our support group leaders, Dennis Bogorad, has developed a supportive meeting focused on erectile dysfunction,” said Mr. Mitteldorf.

This social gathering will offer single gay men with erectile dysfunction a chance to meet other gay men with erectile dysfunction. It will be a chance for men to mix and mingle in a no stress environment, share experiences, make new friends or maybe meet the love of their life.

“This is one silent sexual issue both Gay and Straight Men share in common," said Mr. Bogorad, a film producer who volunteers as leader of the gay men with prostate cancer support group that is co-sponsored by Malecare Cancer Support and the Cancer Support Community at the Benjamin Center in Los Angeles. Gay men are best supported by each other, in a gay friendly atmosphere.

Erectile dysfunction may be caused by many different diseases, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, HIV, antidepressants, prostate issues, physical injury, aging, and more. Although the cause may vary, the life changes resulting from erectile dysfunction can challenge the quality of life for many gay men. Unfortunately, care givers, medical professionals and advertisements present treatment options and social remedies balmost always from a heterosexual point of view. Success with this first gay men and erectile dysfunction event will likely lead to similar events, throughout the United States.

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