Sanghamitra (July Issue)

Published: July 1, 2010

In This Issue:


Good As You Pages

8 Good As You Musings
Vinay Chandran

9 An Update on Pride Events in 2010
Siddharth Narrain

10 Bangalore Queer Film Fest: A Roundup
Vinay Chandran

12 Good As You: The humble beginnings
of the Bangalore Chapter
R. Eriksen

In Memoriam

14 Venky
Aditya Sengupta

16 Remembering Famila
Arvind Narrain

Coming Out/ Personal Stories

18 Baby’s Day Out
Nishad Matange

Criminals No More: Judgment Anniversary

20 Naz Foundation v. NCT Delhi – A Year
After a Historic Verdict
Arvind Narrain

23 The Naz Verdict and its Challenges
An excerpt from Prof. Upendra Baxi’s talk

25 Men in Black: A Note on Justice A. P. Shah
& Justice Dr. S. Murlidhar
Gowthaman Ranganathan

27 365 Days without 377
Danish Sheikh

29 377 and Me

Organizations We Salute

30 10 Years of ALF
Lawrence Liang


34 Alan Turing (1912-1954)
Aditya Sengupta


37 Dream A Dream
Vijaykrishna Ranganathan

38 This One Night
Danish Sheikh


39 The Marigold and the Queen Bee
Vidya Pai


43 Bunny Eyes
Mahesh Iyer

Excuse Me!

44 Will You Marry Me?
Sonia Joseph

Film and Media

47 Cine-Maa Da Laadla Bigad Gaya…
Apurva Asrani

The Shrinking Corner

50 Listening To Yourself
Aswin Ratheesh, MD

Comic Strip

52 The Gay Noob
Dhroov Q & Shreek D

Shooting from the Lip

53 Power Sex
Chandrasekar D.

Science and Sexuality Series: 1

55 Alfred Kinsey and the Beginnings of Modern Research into Human
Ritwick Sawarkar & Aditya Sengupta

Manish’s Kitchen

69 Coconut Cookies
Manish Gaur

Special Feature

61 “My Mirror Has Two Faces”
Vidya Pai


64 Silver Lining


66 Play: On Vacation
Dhroov Q & Vinay Chandran

Safety First

69 Online Cruising – New Frontiers
Mike Higher

Agony Uncle & Aunt

72 Karan & Karen


75 When Push Comes to Shove
Soft Serve

Comic Strip

79 Gay Words
Aarthi Parthasarthy


80 Groups & Organizations Working on Sexuality Issues

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