Russian Gay Activist Targeted in Homophobic Attacks, Police refuse Action

Published: April 7, 2011

Russian gay activist Artem Kalinin does not have a home computer and as he walked to his local Computer Club in Syktyvkar, he was attacked for a second time by a group of neo-Nazis.

Kalinin describes seeing a suspicious young man of strong physique in his early twenties, as if waiting for someone. As Kalinin took his cell phone and called the police, the man approached.

Having been attacked previously Kalinin was particularly aware and moved quickly back toward his apartment, while the stranger followed.

Before he was able to open the door, he was hit on the head, and saw blood gushing.  Translated from Russian and reported on the ASYLUM LGBT Site,  “We began to fight, he began to hit an unknown object all over my body as I realized later, it was a stick with an iron knob. As always, the neighbors did not hear anything and did not see the floor of my porch was covered with splashes of blood.”

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