Russian church rages against gay rights victory

Published: October 25, 2010

Russia’s gay community may not have long to celebrate its new-found freedom to demonstrate as the Orthodox church is out to stop gay marches.

No sooner had a European court ruling declared Russia’s ban on gay pride marches illegal than religious youth groups began to protest.

And with gays compared to “people who love defecating in public” by activists, it’s clear that the fight for recognition has some way to go.

For St. George!

Youth movement “Georgievtsy!”, supported by other youth orthodox associations and public organizations, is in charge of carrying out several mass-meetings and petitioning parliament to ban gay marches on a legislative level.

And the vigil of the European Council office in Moscow planned for Oct. 25 is set to be the first rally.

These days even the church needs to find legal grounds for its righteous anger.

“The way the European Convention on Human Rights has been phrased doesn’t imply equal rights and freedoms to hold meetings for any group of people,” Vadim Kvyatkovsky, the curator of the council of youth orthodox organistions, told the Moscow News. “In fact, the initial language of the Convention has transformed” he said giving the example that “it’s impossible to imagine that people who love defecating in public would have a meeting in one of Europe’s cities”.

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