Pukaar April 2011, Issue No 73

Published: April 12, 2011

Contents include:
o Finally! The GFATM Round 9 Regional MSM/TG project for South Asia
o A message from Michel Sidibe
o World’s premier AIDS event neglects populations most at risk
o A message from the MSMGF
o Lube alert
o A look at homosexuality in Brunei
o Philippines’ HIV/AIDS problem worries UN
o At risk: sex, HIV and the community
o HIV programmes can only be truly effective if sexual minorities are decriminalised, Global Commission told
o Transgender rights is not simply gay rights
o A gender journey
o Gay pride only goes so far in India
o Indian males lead in sexual violence
o Homophobic? Re-read your Bible
o Gay rights in Lebanon
o Syndemic conditions and HIV among MSM
o Jakarta’s working ladyboys
o Sexual plagiarism

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