Pretoria Has Pride Too

Published: October 7, 2013

Pretoria, often associated with conservative Afrikaans culture, displayed its rainbow colours this Saturday with its first-ever gay and lesbian Pride event, held in Centurion.

Braving the scorching heat, hundreds of LGBT people and their friends turned out for the festive event, which saw marchers parading through the streets. They were joined by a handful of floats, including one for the group Tears, which campaigns against ‘corrective rape’.
Participants showed their support for personal liberties and freedom of self expression by having fun, dressing up in colourful outfits and enjoying being openly and proudly gay or lesbian in public.
After the parade, the crowd gathered in a fenced, open stretch of land in Centurion where they were treated to entertainment by the likes of Idols alumnus Jacques Terre’Blanche and a host of DJs.
Speaking to Mambaonline’s Andrew Biddy Horne, the hunky Terre’Blanche said that he was a big fan of the gay community. “I love the gay market and what it stands for,” he said.

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