Norway, Denmark Withhold Millions in Uganda Aid

Published: February 25, 2014

 Norway and Denmark joined the Netherlands in cutting off millions of dollars in assistance to Uganda after the country’s enactment of a brutal "jail the gays" bill.

UPI reports:
Norwegian Foreign Minister Borge Brende said his country would withhold about $8 million in aid, saying the law violates "fundamental human rights," reported Tuesday.
"Norway deeply regrets that Uganda’s president today signed a new and stricter law against homosexuality," Brende said in a statement Monday. "It will worsen the situation of an already vulnerable group, and criminalize individuals and organizations working for the rights of sexual minorities"…
Danish Aid Minister Mogens Jensen indicated his country would divert about $9 million in aid earmarked for Uganda, said.
According to numbers provided by Al Jazeera, the government of Uganda has so far lost approximately $26.6 million in direct assistance as a result of their appalling Anti-Homosexuality Law. The United States and Austria are both reviewing their foreign aid commitments to the country as well.
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