My Yerevan. The way I see and like it. Or… to Yerevan with love

Published: November 7, 2010

Making It Safe to Be Queer at School

Must-must read. Absofu**inglutely awesome post by Adrineh. I can 100% associate myself to what she wrote about MY Yerevan too.

Essential reading.

Selected extracts below. Full post: Ode to Yerevan Nights

I had forgotten. I had forgotten how this city changes at night. How the expression “as different as night and day” takes on new meaning in the Armenian capital. And I have missed it. Oh, how I have missed you, dear Yerevan night.

Walking the streets of this city at night, you see the queers, the foreigners, the misfits. If you never went out at night, you would think that Yerevan is “proper” Armenian girls, young boys laughing in groups, schoolchildren, and older women buying produce, while […] men in groups in dark-colored clothing talking politics in the park. […]

But it is a night — even better, late at night —, when the “proper” Armenian girls have gone home (after all, they’re not allowed to stay out past midnight), when the young men with their flashy cars have possibly retired for the evening, and when families are fast asleep, that Yerevan wakes up and shows you the possibilities of what this city can be.

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