Murder Of Second Female Sex Worker In Mombasa Worrying Activists

Published: September 5, 2012

A feature on a lesbian who was raped and subsequently got pregnant and was infected with HIV is set for screening this evening at Internews Kenya at I&M Building, Kenyatta Avenue.
The feature, titled, ‘I am Mary’ showcases the life of Mary Muthui, a lesbian who has gone the harrowing experience of rape and is now on lifelong ARV treatment after she contracted HIV. She gave birth to a son as a result of the rape and is now raising the boy.
Produced by lesbian group, AFRA Kenya, the 8 minute feature is meant to highlight the challenges that face lesbian women in Kenya.
Cases of lesbian women being raped are common though they are not reported out of shame and fear that a victim may ‘out’ herself.
 Lesbian women, women who have sex with women considered not at high risk of HIV infection
 Data shows most lesbians, WSW are in heterosexual relationships
 Vaginal secretions, menstrual blood, risk of injuries, bruises common risk factors in HIV transmission in WSW
 Same sex activity among women not criminalized in most countries as compared to same sex in men
 Lesbians face ‘corrective rape’ that may lead to unwanted pregnancies, HIV infection, trauma
 Social factors like forced marriages seen as a contributing factor

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