Most at Risk Populations as Stakeholders in the HIV Response at National Level Plan: 2011-2016

Published: November 8, 2011

Objective 1: Strengthen and consolidate implementation of strategies for the prevention and control of AIDS, TB and MALARIA targeting MARPs in Uganda
1.1 Define MARPs and risk factors e.g., : Young sexually active ( Negotiation Issues), Substance users (Risk impaired protection practices), Health Occupational workers ( exposure to TB and Hepatitis), People in long term relations (multiple partners) , PWD (negotiating issues) , MSM( Protection issues and exposure to Hepatitis,/Cancer), LGBTIQQ ( Protection issues and exposure to Hepatitis/Cancer), Sex-workers (Protection issues), PLHIV ( Co-morbidities’ issues), Fisher-folk ( Multiple partners), Uniformed services ( Multiple partners), in-mates (negotiation and protection), Mobile traders ( multiple partners), Truckers ( multiple partners) and Cleaners/Garbage collectors ( exposure to medical waste ).
1.2 Outline services: Health, legal and other social services
1.3 Establish a country-specific profile of organisations targeting MARPs.
1.4 Strengthening and enlisting a buy-in by technocrats in recognizing needs of MARPs.
1.5 Support implementation of MARPs targeting Policies and Guidelines.
1.6 Establish sustainable mechanism for continual capacity building for providers to address MARPs issues
1.7 Establish strategies that improve awareness of MARPs needs to general community and stakeholders
1.8 Provision of adequate basic equipment and supplies such as sexual reproductive health ( SRH) commodities
1.9 Streamline services targeting MARPs
1.10 Monitoring and evaluation of compliance to guidelines for providers.
Objective 2: Promote a non-discriminating/stigmatizing atmosphere for MARPs
2.1 Involve policy-making entities in providing a non-criminalizing atmosphere targeting MARPs.
2.2 Ensure linkages and referral systems through which MARPs issues are addressed are supported
2.3 Establishment of MARPs friendly services in all facilities.
2.3 Strengthen capacity for provision of PEP/PrEP and HPV vaccination services including provision of necessary SRH supplies and logistics

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