Manila's 5 Prettiest: The Beauty Pageant That Aims To Empower The LGBT Community

Published: August 11, 2014

Late July 26, Manila’s 5 Prettiest — a beauty pageant of and for the Filipino gay community — was held at the Philippine Trade Training Center. The pageant was organized by Futurus Betera Creative Management Group headed by Markie Binsol, and co-chaired by Maria Venus Gomez. Both Binsol and Gomez are products of the pageant.

Manila’s 5 Prettiest was founded in 1980 by the late Jun Encarnacion, and ran until 1995. Binsol revived it in 2011. "It’s about time for us to be heard, since we are being discriminated by our society," Gomez tells Yahoo Philippines. "Through this [pageant], we show that we are part of society."

This year’s winners are:

Inday Sita of Cebu City

Justine Valenciano of Baguio City

Francine Garcia of Quezon City

Faiel Valenciano of Baguio City

Patricia Maristela of San Juan City

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