Male sex trade in Guadaljara: using media to focus on visibility, needs & settings

Published: August 1, 2008

Male sex trade in Guadaljara: using media to focus on visibility, needs & settings

Issues: Bring awareness to the male sex trade needs in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico through investigative reporting.

Description: In Guadalajara young MSM are the group with the highest HIV prevalence. About 90% of male sex workers and chichifos (hustlers) fall in this category, nevertheless they are invisible before the law and are ignored by HIV prevention strategies, and ignored and discriminated against in public policies.
We documented the experiences of the young male, hustlers, and transgender sex workers as well as tose who work in escort services, and their needs and settings were reported through a radio news program presented to news reporters, students and the general public broadcasted through the airwaves and the Internet. We were able to elicit some empathy from the people listening evidenced by the support expressed by those listening.
The difficulties of this project were the fact that sex work in Guadalajara is illegal and the people featured in the store ran the risk of becoming victims of: homophobia, violent discrimination, robberies and kidnappings, resides the sexual activities that encourage high risk situations for HIV and STI infections.

Next steps: It is important to perform research that will bring to light the living conditions of male sex workers and translate it to a language that the mass media communication outlets Hill understand and create linkages with community based organizations to support strategies that will benefit this group at risk. It is possible to use mass media communication as an agent of change which is effective and at a low cost for the intervention implementers.

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