Launch of Northern Ireland Anti-Homophobia Week

Published: November 1, 2010

1-7 November 2010 marks Northern Ireland Anti-Homophobia week. To mark this, The Rainbow Project, Cara Friend, LASI, PSNI, Unite Against Hate and The Equality Commission have developed a travelling billboard which will be making its way throughout Northern Ireland over the course of the week. A number of key events have also been scheduled to mark this week, a list of which can be found below.

Speaking about the events Director of The Rainbow Project, John O’Doherty said: “Over the last 16 years we have seen the face of Northern Ireland change. The introduction of key legislation to protect and support those who identify as lesbian, gay and bisexual within their job’s, homes and in accessing goods and services is to be celebrated. The recognition given to same sex relationships through Civil Partnerships has also played a part in ensuring the rights of LGB people and has removed another barrier to equality. This said there is still more to do”.

“While inequality still exists there will be a need to indentify and address it. Anti-homophobia week was developed to educate all people in Northern Ireland about what it means to be lesbian, gay or bisexual and what effect homophobia has on individuals and our society in general. The key theme of this year’s campaign is ‘WE ARE ALL PEOPLE’, which we believe will allow people to take a step back and think about their own prejudice. Thanks to the support of the Equality Commission, PSNI and Unite Against Hate we are able to ensure that this message gets to thousands of people in Northern Ireland through the mobile billboard.”

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