Kenyan Muslims Angered by Chief Justice's Pro-Gay Rights Comment

Published: September 13, 2011

Kenyan Muslims want an apology from Chief Justice Willy Mutunga who recently said, “Gay rights are human rights,” during an official visit to neighbouring Uganda.

In a story reported by the Star, a leading Kenyan newspaper, the Chief Justice (CJ) made the remarks on Thursday last week (September 8, 2011) while officiating at the opening of offices for the International Federation of Women lawyers, FIDA, in Uganda offices.

The newspaper reported the CJ saying, “The other frontier of marginalisation is the gay rights movement. Gay rights are human rights. Here, I am simply confining my statement in the context of human rights and social justice paradigm and avoiding the controversies that exist in our constitutions and various legislations.”

The Star reported that on reading the remarks, the chairman of the Kenya Muslim National Advisory Council, Sheikh Juma Ngao responded saying that the CJ’s remarks were “demeaning” to the Islamic and Christian faiths.

The Sheikh was quoted as saying, “Gayism [sic] is inhuman. It is not a human right. If it were, then the Koran and the Bible would not have condemned it. The cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed because of the vice. When he says that, what message is he passing to our school going children?”

Sheikh Ngao proceeded to say that Muslims across Kenya were worried about Chief Justice Mutunga’s statement and that it had taken the country backwards to “the Stone Age era.” Sheikh Ngao said what was needed was ways to “humanise gays by advising them to change their ways.”

The Muslim leader is demanding that the Kenya government should release a statement on the issue.

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