Kenya Considering Its Own Harsh Anti-Gay Law

Published: August 14, 2014

 Apparently not to be outdone by its neighbor Uganda, the Kenyan legislature is now considering a bill that would impose life imprisonment for the “crime” of being gay and would allow stoning to death if you do that and you’re not a Kenyan citizen.


The Republican Liberty Party has proposed stoning of gay people to death in public or life imprisonment.

The party has presented to the National Assembly a draft Bill prohibiting any form of sexual relations between people of the same sex.

The Anti-Homosexuality Bill is now before the Justice and Legal Affairs committee which will consider the proposal and report back to members on its decision.

The draft Bill presented alongside a petition by the party’s legal secretary Edward Onwong’a Nyakeriga provides for the offence of sodomy which would earn life imprisonment.

They propose death by stoning in public for any foreigner who commits a homosexual act and a life imprisonment for Kenyan nationals found guilty.

The Republican Liberty party? You keep using that word…

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