Jamaican "Native Son" Challenges Notions of Race and Sexuality

Published: February 10, 2010

Jamaican "Native Son" Challenges Notions of Race and Sexuality

The first time I met Thomas Glave was during the inaugural Fire and Ink Conference in Chicago around six years ago. Since then, this writer has followed the scholar’s career and his published works with great interest and delight.

In record time, Dr. Glave has become known for his erudite expressions concerning the intersection of race and sexuality. In one word, Glave is – brilliant.

While born in the United States in the Bronx, Glave comes from Jamaican parents and spent a considerable amount of his formative years on the tiny island. From his Rasta-like appearance to his sing-song patterns of speech, it is clear that Jamaica – its history and its people – remain imbedded in his spirit.

But being a same gender loving man who loves the home of his ancestors has not been easy, given the negative attitudes and sometimes deadly and aggressive actions aimed at homosexuals.

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