India sees young LGBTs as a group for the first time

Published: June 1, 2012

Ajay Maken unveils draft for youth policy

The Indian government is trying for the first time to focus on the problems of transgenders, gays and lesbians as a group that needs suitable policy interventions to deal with social or moral stigma.
In the draft national youth policy 2012, India recognizes youth not as a homogenous group but nine ‘target groups’ having differentials based on habitat, environment, socio-economic status of their families and their own lifestyles.
The highlights are the LGBT community and HIV/AIDS patients, who have both been categorised as groups that suffer from stigma.
‘Transgenders have for long been the butt of ridicule and derision of society. They have virtually lived a life of complete segregation from the mainstream,’ reads the draft policy.
‘The gays and lesbians have never been accepted in society as same-gender sex has always been treated in our society as perverted and immoral behaviour,’ it adds. ‘The result of these deeply embedded stereotypes and biases has been that gays and lesbians are reluctant to express their sexual preferences openly.’

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