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Published: April 18, 2011

A coalition of groups from Latin America and the Caribbean is launching today a new campaign called "Cures that kill". The HIVOS-supported campaign aims at fighting so-called ‘reparative’ therapies, aiming at "curing" sexual and gender diversity. First signatories include the Brazilian Federal Council of Psychology, Mariela Castro, the Mayor of Lima, many international and regional networks and institutions ,… and many more.

The coalition now appeals for support from the international community and the wider public. [ Sign the petition and spread the word ! More information on this campaign, including activities in various countries.

The IDAHO Committee launches today the online mobilisation action "AS I AM".

The "As I Am" campaign aims to celebrate our individualities and to honor the collective spirit that binds us all, connecting us to universal, inalienable and interconnected human rights that all people share. The campaign invites for submissions of creatives videos, pieces of artwork, or written statements about respecting a person for ALL of who they are. Join the global movement and spread this call for action

News from around the world :

Lady Gaga (herself !) will be editor in chief of the 20 national editions of the free daily "METRO" on the International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia. Her commitment in favor of diversity and against standardisation will reach 17 million daily readers and give the Day a renewed visibility that will certainly benefit IDAHO initiatives everywhere. She launches a contest to recruit assistants on this operation.

With impulse from Turkish LGBT group KAOS GL, a regional network against homophobiawill be launched as part of the 6th international IDAHO conference to be held in Ankara mid-May (programme to be communicated soon). The network should include participants from the Middle East, the Caucasus and Balkan Countries and hold its first 2-day meeting as part of the IDAHO conference.

In Rwanda, LGBT organisation HOCA will be adressing the press at a large-scale media conference to increase awareness of the situation of sexual and gender minorities in the country.

For the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia 2011, the international photo project "Walk with Pride" developed by Charles ‘Chad’ Meacham and Sarah Baxter goes global. The exhibition will be shown simultaneously in more than 20 locations around the world, including at the European Parliament. The IDAHO Committee’s website will feature the exhibition online on May 17th

In Russia, the initiative "Rainbow Flashmob" will have its second edition this year, with Hamburg joining in again this year in solidarity and other cities expected to follow suit. More info on the initiative and guidelines on how to join the initiative

In Italy, one of the projects developed by activists resonates particularly with the campaign ‘Cures that Kill" as it calls for prayers in ecumenical assemblies for victims of homofobia and transfobia victims. Last year the project resonated till Spain and Germany. This year the fifth convocation will certainly be heard further and farer. More information on the ‘Gionata’

In Israel, the IDAHO team will announce the winner of the "academic papers regarding homophobia" contest, which is to receive the support of Israeli President and Nobel Prize laureate Shimon Peres. In the city of Nethanya, 120 school counselors will participate in a seminar adressing homo/transphobic bullying in schools. More information from IDAHO-Israel’s website (in Hebrew, Arabic and English) HAVANA

In Australia, more actions are being developed for the Day, as for example a vigil to honour the heros in our communities. This event will announce the start of a year-long campaign calling upon government bodies to sign and ratify the joint statement of the 2011 Asia Pacific Outgames Human Rights Conference.

In Chile, a march will be closing a one-day program that associates public campaigning and political advocacy.

In Peru, an impressive edition of the Day is building up, with a week long programme in Lima, including a national seminar on ‘reparative’ therapies(.

And many more news to come soon!
Best wishes The IDAHO Team

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