I CONFESS – Full of pride for gay son

Published: July 24, 2010

I WANT TO share an experience I had with my son that I feel may be useful to other parents currently going through a similar situation.

My son is gay. I realised that he was not a normal boy from his pre-teen years when he would be interested in my dresses and putting on make-up. At that time we all thought it funny and saw it as clowning around. But as he got older, his interest in women’s fashions, the way he groomed himself and walked and his general mannerisms were very troubling.

Actually, they were downright disturbing and caused upheaval in the house.

First, I could not believe that my only son could become like that. The mere thought of him liking another man was revolting to me; actually, it still is, but I am more understanding now.

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