HIV This Week: what scientific journals said

Published: October 31, 2008

HIV This Week: what scientific journals said

Welcome to the sixtieth issue of HIV This Week ! In this issue, we cover men who have sex with men (increasingly virtual gay communities must mean new HIV prevention strategies; is there a role for gay community in HIV prevention today?; rationale for a trial of male circumcision in men who have sex with men), country responses (human rights considerations in country strategic plans for universal access: glass half full or half empty?), stigma (fighting back: a conceptual framework for a multifaceted, multilevel strategy; Iranian high school girls have much to learn about people living with HIV), behaviour change (promising results from the Stepping Stones cluster randomised controlled trial in South Africa; effectiveness of skills building for sexual risk reduction in a trial among women in substance abuse treatment programs in the US), biomedical HIV prevention trials (why adherence in randomised controlled trials is so important; sexual risk behaviour in trials: does it improve or get worse?), treatment adherence (food supplementation improves adherence in Lusaka, Zambia; memory aids and social support are predictors of adherence in Southwest Ethiopia), diagnostics (data from South Africa call into question WHO clinical and CD4 count criteria for antiretroviral treatment failure; temperature stability of HIV RNA in plasma specimens), basic science (evidence from a paleovirological investigation reveals that HIV may have crossed to humans early in the 20th century; lessons to be learned when an AIDS patient and an elite suppressor handle the same virus differently), surveillance (how good and how bad is ‘know your epidemic’ in low- and middle-income countries; what do population-based surveys in sub-Saharan Africa contribute to HIV surveillance), women’s health (two-thirds of women living with HIV may have high risk human papillomavirus infections; women have better prognosis than men in an analysis of 23 seroconverter studies in high–income countries), and cultural determinants of risk (will sexual cleansing rituals in Western Kenya follow the road of other changes?).

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